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10 questions to ask yourself to design your new house plan with confidence

Une femme vérifie que leur plan de maison couvre tous les éléments importants

Making the decision to build a new home is an exciting moment, full of promise. It’s the start of a unique project that will turn your ideas into reality and become a space designed especially for you and by you.

However, the success of this project depends on more than just the choice of materials or the expertise of the professionals involved. House plan design and planning play an equally important role, if not more so.

Behind every new home that perfectly meets the expectations of its owners, there are hours of thought, dozens of drawings on paper, sometimes difficult conversations and well-considered decisions.

It’s at this stage of the house plan design process that the project for your future new build will be defined: not only in the literal sense, but also in terms of functionality, aesthetics and comfort. Good planning from the outset can avoid many complications and unexpected expenses later on.

That’s where Harmonie Construction comes in. As a key partner in the realization of your new-build project, we understand the importance of these first steps. Our role goes beyond simple construction; we’re here to help you design the layout of your home, ensuring that every aspect of your project is thought through, planned and executed with the utmost care.

With Harmonie Construction, you can be sure that your project will be professionally managed, but always with that personal touch that makes all the difference.


Designing the a single-family house plan is a crucial stage in a new-build project.


Clarify the objectives of your new-build project for a clear vision of the house plan

The first step in building your new home is to define exactly what you want. It’s a question of identifying your needs in terms of space, choosing an architectural style that speaks to you, and determining a budget adapted to your expectations. Selecting the right house plan for your desires and needs is essential to realizing your vision.

Whether you’re dreaming of a modern home, a bi-generational residence, a single-storey building or even a semi-detached, it’s vital to get off to a good start. By determining your goals from the outset, you’ll be able to accelerate the design of your home plans.


10 questions for a successful new house plan

Designing a plan for a new house is a fundamental step, often requiring several months of thought and a professional approach.

  1. What type of home appeals to us most? Are we seduced by the modern aesthetics of a contemporary home, the practicality of a single-storey home, the optimization of space in a cottage, the need for a two-generation home to live with the family but separately, or the efficiency and savings of a semi-detached home?
  2. How much living space do we need to ensure our comfort and that of our family?
  3. Do we want an outdoor space? If so, what size would be ideal for our garden or terrace?
  4. How many years do we plan to live in this house? Is it designed to be our home for many years to come?
  5. How many bedrooms do we need to accommodate our family and guests comfortably?
  6. How many bathrooms do we need to satisfy everyone’s daily needs?
  7. What orientation should we choose for our living spaces to maximize natural light and enjoy the best possible view?
  8. Which rooms are we going to spend the most time in, and how can they reflect our living habits and needs?
  9. Do we need special facilities, such as an office for telecommuting, a garage for our vehicles, or a practical, functional laundry room?
  10. What are our preferences in terms of kitchen design: an open kitchen to encourage conviviality, or a closed kitchen to maintain a clear separation from the rest of the house?


A good new single-family home plan must answer 10 important questions


Your options for designing your new house plan

You have several options for designing your house plan, depending on your preferences and requirements:


Purchase of existing plans

For those looking for inspiration or a turnkey solution, you have access to a selection of plans from recognized suppliers such as Dessins Drummond, PlanImage and many others. These plans have the advantage of being rapidly available and often customizable to better suit your specific needs.


Working with an architect or architectural technician

For a made-to-measure home project, working directly with an architectural professional enables you to design a unique house plan, entirely tailored to your lifestyle, chosen plot and budget. This approach guarantees complete customization and attention to every detail.


Customizable templates

At Harmonie Construction, we offer the possibility of creating a house plan from existing models that we can adapt to your wishes. This flexibility enables us to reconcile your aspirations with the project’s technical, time and budgetary constraints.

Here are a few other things to consider when drawing up house plans that will perfectly match your expectations and lifestyle, while respecting budgetary and site constraints.


Designing a house plan that meets your future needs


The choice of land directly influences the design of your home

Orientation, topography and local regulations are all factors to be taken into account to optimize the potential of your building. Think about orienting living areas to maximize natural light or take advantage of a specific view, and strategically positioning bedrooms for greater tranquility.

Harmonie Construction gives you access to large wooded lots in its exclusive real estate projects. In addition, our team will take care of the site plan and various permit applications. For more information, see our article on finding a lot for sale for new homebuilding


Different lifestyles require different home designs

Your home should adapt to you, not the other way around. Whether you need an office for telecommuting, open-plan living spaces for entertaining, or easy access to the outdoors, flexible floor plans are essential. Talk to the professionals at Harmonie Construction to design a home that fits your daily routine.


Long-term view

The home of your dreams must be able to adapt to the changes in your life. Think modular spaces that can evolve according to your family’s needs. Adding a bedroom, converting an office space into a playroom, or transforming part of the first floor into an accessible master suite are options to be considered right from the design stage.


Moving from one room to another, you have to think about it

Traffic flow is essential for everyday comfort. Think about how you want spaces to communicate with each other, how much sound insulation is needed between certain rooms, and whether you want to be able to modulate spaces with sliding doors, for example.


Call in the professionals

When it comes to designing a functional, personalized house plan, professional guidance will save you a lot of unnecessary hassle. Whether via specialized suppliers, from one of our existing models or from scratch, our team is here to turn your ideas into reality.

This process of designing a plan for a new home is the foundation on which your new home will rest. Taking the time necessary for this step, with the help of Harmonie Construction, ensures that the end result will be a house that not only meets all your needs, but is also a space where you will truly feel at home.


Optimize your budget with the expertise of a general contractor

When you embark on the exciting project of building your new home, quality budget planning will be your greatest asset. This is an aspect of the construction process that deserves special attention, as it ensures that your project will be carried out within your financial means. An often underestimated element is the role played by the general contractor in planning and managing the construction budget.

Professionals like architects play an undeniable role in the design of your home, bringing technical expertise and creative vision to transform your ideas into concrete plans. However, their area of expertise focuses primarily on the technical, aesthetic and functional aspects of your project. While this is obviously very important, it doesn’t cover all the day-to-day budgetary realities of a construction project.


Looking for a general construction contractor? See this article: A complete guide to choosing your construction contractor


A general contractor looks at a plan for a new house


The decisive role of the general contractor

That’s where your general contractor’s unique expertise comes in. Unlike architects, general contractors have a global understanding of the construction process, including the costs associated with each stage. With hands-on experience of materials, labor and contingencies, your general contractor is ideally placed to provide you with a realistic and comprehensive financial assessment of your new home project.

In the final analysis, budget planning is not just about establishing a total cost for the construction of your home. It’s a dynamic, interactive process that requires the expertise and vision of an experienced general contractor.

At Harmonie Construction, our commitment is to make this process transparent and accessible right from the home plan stage, guiding you every step of the way to ensure that building your new home is a rewarding experience that meets your financial expectations.


Why choose Harmonie Construction for your new sigle-family house plan?

By opting for Harmonie Construction right from the design stage, you benefit from our expertise in evaluating all options and establishing a fixed budget plan designed to avoid unpleasant cost overrun surprises. Our aim is to make the design process as smooth and enjoyable as possible, while ensuring that the end result exceeds your expectations.

When you choose Harmonie Construction to build your new home, you choose a partner dedicated to the success of your project, from the first sketch of the plan to the final realization of your dream project. We’re here to support you every step of the way, ensuring a rewarding and satisfying building experience.

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