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7 points to consider before buying a Semi-Detached home

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A Semi-detached home: a sensible choice for first-time new home buyers

Sometimes overlooked in favor of conventional single-family homes, a new semi detached house should be considered more often. This type of new construction offers many advantages and attractive qualities for first-time buyers.

First of all, you need to know that semi detached and Twin house are terms that mean the same thing. However, this is not to be confused with Duplex, which is an income property. Semi-detached houses are two separate houses attached to each other. These two homes, often of the same style and sizeare connected by a common wall. Unlike a condo, there are few or no common areas, giving owners greater independence.

A semi-detached home can be a very attractive choice for families in both urban and suburban areas.


What’s more, real estate developers offer very attractive deals to potential semi-detached buyers, as they are usually first-time home buyers.

Are you interested in this type of home?


Here are 7 things to consider before buying a new semi-detached home


1. Management and maintenance of a semi-detached house

Although located on the same lot and connected by a common wall, semi-detached houses are actually made up of two completely separate dwellings. Each part is therefore managed by its own owner.

As the owner, you have almost total freedom to make your own decisions. You don’t need to inform your neighbors regularly about how you intend to manage your part of the property. You can sell, rent, renovate and furnish your semi-detached home to suit your tastes and needs. The only exceptions are work on the party wall and on the land.as they may affect both parts of the building.


2. Privacy and noise in a semi-detached home

The main concern of buyers opting for a semi-detached home rather than a new single-familiy house is the potential noise associated with the proximity of neighbors.

Many are afraid of losing some of their privacy, while having to put up with unwanted noise from neighbors on the other side of the common wall, but also from other neighbors, as semi-detached houses are often built in neighborhoods reserved for this type of new housing.

It’s worth noting, however, that while this was indeed a significant problem a few years ago, recent construction methods employed by trusted contractors have made it possible to circumvent it. The party walls are now much thicker and much better soundproofed.

In fact, new methods used in the construction of semi-detached house have improved sound insulation, offering homeowners a better quality of life.

In most cases, they are also designed so that bedrooms and living rooms are located on opposite sides of the building, to limit potential noise. The privacy level of semi-detached houses is therefore almost the same as that of single-family homes.


3. The new semi-detached house: more economical with lower construction costs

Compared to the price of a new single-family house, a semi-detached house is a great option. option quite cost-effective option. Its lower construction costs make it particularly attractive as a first property, and it allows owners to reduce certain recurring expenseswhich makes it very attractive to young families.


Semi-detached homes cost less to build than single-family detached homes


For example, a semi-detached home can cut energy costs by an average of 15% compared with a detached house or equivalent type of dwelling. A construction project of this type therefore allows you to become a homeowner while enjoying the freedom that comes with lower costs.

What’s more, when you buy a semi-detached house, you may be eligible for one or more of the financial assistance programs offered by government bodies (federal or provincial) to make home ownership even easier. Consult our team.


4. Space available in a semi-detached house

In terms of space, the surface area of a semi-detached home is generally smaller than that of a new detached house. While interior space is easily comparable to that of a single-family home, the land around a new semi-detached house is normally much more limited.


Discover our models of semi-detached houses built on a large lot


The outdoor space at the front of the house is usually used as a parking space, while the backyard usually has to be shared between the two parts of the building.

Even if the two lots are separated by a fence, the proximity of your immediate neighbor is still an important consideration. But that’s not necessarily a disadvantage! For many, this small outdoor space is an advantage, as it requires much less maintenance.


5. Renovation of a semi-detached house

As mentioned in the first section of this article, each part of a semi-detached house is managed independently. If any of the owners wish to change their kitchen cabinets or install new windows, they can do so at any time.

However, if the work involves or affects common areas, such as a party wall or property line, the building’s residents will need to consult each other and reach an agreement before the work is carried out. Just like other types of housing, there are several government programs for improving your home.


6. New semi-detached homes: what type of buyer are they for?

More and more potential buyers are turning to semi-detached homes, because this type of housing offers so many advantages. While an excellent option for many buyers, semi-detached homes are particularly attractive to young couples or families looking to purchase their first new home.

Thanks to more affordable costs than a single-family home, for example, semi-detached homes are an ideal choice for a first home.


7. Resale value of a semi-detached house

Are you hesitating to opt for a new semi-detached house because you’re afraid the property will lose value over the years? Rest assured, although they are less visible on the market than single-family homes, demand for this type of home remains stable, and in some regions is even on the rise.

A new semi-detached house is therefore a good long-term investment. There’s a good reason why many general contractors offer to build new semi-detached homes in the Outaouais region.


One of our's Semi-detached model


Harmonie Construction is part of this group, but without skimping on plot size and construction quality. Visit The semi-detached models offered by Harmonie Construction are amazing, offering exceptional functionality in an optimized space.


Defining your needs before buying a new semi-detached home

The decision to buy a semi-detached home depends first and foremost on your needs, preferences and budget. But whatever type of property you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to ask our team of advisors for advice in new housing. We’re sure we can help you find the home that’s right for you.


FAQ For readers in a hurry!


What’s the difference between a semi-detached house and a duplex?

A semi-detached house consists of two separate dwellings attached to each other by a common wall, while a duplex is a building divided into two superimposed dwellings, often with separate entrances.

What are the main advantages of buying a semi-detached home?

Advantages include generally lower construction and energy costs, a degree of independence from neighbors despite sharing a party wall, and eligibility for financial assistance programs.

How does the management and maintenance of a semi-detached house differ from that of a single-family home?

Each semi-detached homeowner manages and maintains his or her own unit independently, with little or no common areas to manage jointly, with the exception of certain elements such as the party wall.

Are there any particular concerns about privacy and noise in a semi-detached house?

Modern construction has greatly improved the soundproofing of party walls, reducing noise problems. The layout of the rooms is also designed to maximize privacy.

Is it cheaper to buy a semi-detached house than a detached single-family home?

Yes, semi-detached homes are often less expensive to build and maintain, making them particularly attractive to first-time buyers and young families.

Is available space a major drawback for new semi-detached homes?

Although interior space can be comparable to that of single-family homes, the available land is often more limited, which can be seen as an advantage or a disadvantage depending on personal preference.

How easy is it to renovate a semi-detached house?

Yes, but changes affecting the party wall or property lines require agreement between the neighbors. When it comes to other renovations, owners have a great deal of freedom.

What type of buyer are semi-detached new homes best suited to?

They are ideal for young couples, families looking for their first home, and those who want a property with lower maintenance and more affordable costs.

Is it difficult to resell a semi-detached house?

No, demand for this type of home remains stable and can even increase in some regions, making semi-detached homes a good medium- to long-term investment.

How does Harmonie Construction stand out in the semi-detached home market?

Harmonie Construction offers quality semi-detached homes, with large lots and a focus on functionality and space optimization, without skimping on construction quality.