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The impact of interior design on a custom home project

Une professionnelle en design intérieur qui travaille sur un concept de bi-génération

When it comes to custom construction, every detail counts. Beyond aesthetics, the interior design of your new home is central to the design process. It’s these elements that define the uniqueness of your home, influence your daily well-being and can even affect the future value of your property.

At Harmonie Construction, we place particular emphasis on the design and interior layout phase for all our basic models, offering you the support of an interior designer right from the start of your project so that you can personalize it to suit your tastes. This close collaboration between you, the interior design team and our custom construction team ensures that each space is not only visually beautiful, but also functional and tailored to your tastes and your family’s needs.



An interior designer is passionate about aesthetics and visual harmony. She appreciates the colors, the different styles, but also the technical aspects of the job. Interior design involves calculations and technical drawings, especially when designing furniture. Clearly, this profession requires both artistic and mathematical skills. So enjoy!

There are two main ways to become an interior designer in Quebec. First of all, the interior design technique offered in certain CEGEPs, such as Trois-Rivières, Montréal and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. DEC programs are distinguished by their comprehensive technical approach, including the use of drafting software and study of the national building code. Then there’s the bachelor’s degree in interior design, offered in particular at the Université de Montréal. This program is just as comprehensive as the technical training, but places greater emphasis on creativity and interior design concepts.

Other equivalent training programs exist, but Harmonie Construction only works with certified designers who are members of the Association des designers d’intérieur du Québec. This site lists all certified members and designers, classified by region.


The impact of interior design on comfort and profitability

The impact of a good interior design plan on your quality of life is undeniable. Well-thought-out spaces enhance comfort, promote harmony and facilitate interaction within your family. But beyond immediate comfort, a carefully planned interior design can also help increase the profitability of your investment.

By choosing durable materials, optimizing the use of space and integrating modern, timeless design elements, your new home will retain its appeal and not go out of style over time, boosting its market value.


The synergy between interior designer and custom home builder: a winning partnership

The key to a successful custom home project lies in effective collaboration between the interior designer and the new-build contractor. This synergy aligns aesthetic visions with the technical and budgetary realities of the project.

In interior design, we advocate an integrated approach where our team of passionate designers work hand in hand with our construction team from the earliest stages of project planning. This ensures consistency between the desired interior design and its feasibility, avoids costly adjustments along the way, and ensures that the end result is just right.


Interior designer completes layout plans for custom-built home



Well-thought-out interior design, a strategic approach

When considering the construction of your new home, interior design and layout should never be left to chance. A strategic approach to interior design is essential, not only to maximize day-to-day living comfort, but also to enhance the market value of your property.


Maximizing comfort through thoughtful interior design

Living comfort in a new home goes far beyond the selection of finishes and materials. It starts with an effective house plan, the result of serious thought about interior design. The design of a home’s floor plans has a direct influence on how you and your family interact in each space.

Careful choice of room layout, efficient use of space and smooth circulation between zones all contribute to a harmonious, practical living environment.


When aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand

Harmony between aesthetics and functionality is paramount in interior design, where each element must meet specific needs while contributing to the overall ambience of the home. In the kitchen, for example, the choice of a quartz countertop is justified not only by its beauty and wide range of colors, but also by its resistance and ease of maintenance, essential for a space used daily.

For cabinetry, adopting trendy materials like polyester, appreciated for its uniform finish and wide variety of finishes, creates a space that’s both modern and durable. These design decisions aim not only to beautify the space, but also to make it more practical and pleasant for family interaction and daily activities.

Designing a living room that encourages natural light and good circulation ensures that the space will be both welcoming to family members and guests, and functional for everyday living.


Enhancing market value through interior design and layout

Beyond comfort and functionality, strategic residential interior design plays a key role in improving the resale value of your home. Homes with a consistent, modern and adaptable interior design are not only more attractive to potential buyers, but can also command a higher price on the real estate market.

By working with a strategically-minded custom building contractor, you benefit from expertise in creating interior spaces that not only meet your current needs, but are also designed with an eye to the future.

In short, interior design and layout are far more than mere aesthetic considerations. They are at the heart of creating a comfortable, functional and cost-effective home.

The entire Harmonie Construction project team is committed to guiding you through this exciting process, ensuring that every aspect of your new home contributes to creating the ideal living space for you and your family.


This image illustrates interior design trends for modern kitchens


We invite you to consult the interview we had with our partner, K&M design d’intérieur, on the theme: Harmony between interior design and new construction.


Interior design trends for modern living


An open kitchen, the main focus of the home

Open kitchens remain a predominant trend in interior design and modern home design, serving as a hub for family life and entertaining guests. They offer a fluid space that facilitates communication and sharing between the kitchen and living areas. In terms of materials, quartz and granite countertops are favored for their blend of durability and elegance, meeting the needs of modern families looking for solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Recycled polyester cabinets, offering strength and a variety of finishes, present themselves as an option for those wishing to marry style and functionality in their culinary space, but also represent an interesting eco-responsible alternative.

In designing the ideal kitchen, the integration of walk-in pantries or hidden kitchens perfectly illustrates this trend. These spaces, designed for easy access and optimum organization, allow utensils and provisions to be hidden away, contributing to a tidy, welcoming kitchen.

The perfect kitchen is a modern kitchen where everything is in its place and easily accessible, but without cluttering up the space. This is where walk-in pantries and integrated storage solutions come in. Not only do they offer generous storage space for your groceries, they also cleverly hide your small appliances and even your coffee corner.

This keeps your kitchen tidy and welcoming, yet ultra-functional. It’s the perfect way to keep things looking good and feeling good, without sacrificing practicality.


The concept of minimalist living space for a custom home

Minimalist interior design, centered on the idea that “less is more”, emphasizes uncluttered, functional and harmonious spaces. This concept is based on the judicious use of each element to create environments that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, where each object has its raison d’être. In a minimalist living room, space is not cluttered with superfluous decorations, but is arranged to optimize comfort and conviviality, encouraging quality time with family and friends.

Creating such a space requires close collaboration between your contractor, the interior design team and the customer. Together, taking into account the possibilities and limitations of the space, the building contractor contributes his technical expertise to ensure that the ideas conceived on the design side can be realized. The designer, meanwhile, guides the customer through the aesthetic and functional choices, ensuring that every decision contributes to creating the perfect minimalist concept. The customer plays an active role in this process.


The master bathroom, a space for relaxation

In today’s interior design trends, the master bathroom has become much more than just a functional space: it has become a veritable oasis for relaxation, a private refuge where comfort and aesthetics meet to create the ultimate relaxation experience. The addition of a freestanding bathtub in front of a window with a wonderful view of your wooded grounds, for example, accentuates this feeling of escape.

Even in a smaller space, with the input of your designer and contractor, it’s possible to create a place of relaxation by applying intelligent design and layout principles that make the most of the space available.

This can include judicious choices of materials that evoke nature for a soothing atmosphere, lighting designed to mimic natural light and promote relaxation, and the installation of features like deep soaking tubs or rain showers to transform daily routines into moments of pause and rejuvenation.


An intergenerational family with a well-thought-out interior design and layout.


The rise of two-generation homes: interior design for all ages

With changing family dynamics, two-generation homes are becoming increasingly popular. This type of custom-built construction enables several generations to live together under the same roof, while retaining their independence and privacy. Communal living areas, such as open-plan lounges and large dining rooms, encourage conviviality. At the same time, master suites and independent apartments offer private areas for each generation.

The interior design takes into account the specific needs of seniors, incorporating features such as ramps, wider doors and adapted bathrooms. Non-slip materials and well-positioned lighting contribute to the safety and comfort of all occupants. Technological advances also play a key role, with home automation systems for centralized control of lighting, temperature and security. Connected devices, such as health monitors and voice assistants, support the needs of elderly family members.

Adapting interior design to multi-generational families is a trend that combines functionality and aesthetics, creating living spaces that meet the needs of each generation.


The Art of creating warm, modern living spaces with Harmonie

At Harmonie Construction, we firmly believe that close collaboration with our customers and the integration of a design team from the earliest stages of the project are undoubtedly responsible for a successful construction. What sets our approach apart is our ability to integrate a design and interior strategy into the construction process right from the design stage of your new home plans, so that every element contributes to the overall value of your new home without compromising functionality or cost.

When you choose the Harmonie Construction team, you can rest assured that your custom home will not only be beautiful, but also designed to meet your everyday needs.

We’re here to turn your vision into reality, guiding you through every step of the construction process and delivering an experience that’s as enjoyable as it is efficient. It’s this integrated understanding of design and construction that makes Harmonie Construction the ideal partner for your new home project.